What Causes Stuffy Nose and Dry Throat at Night?

Q: What Causes Stuffy Nose and Dry Throat at Night?

Answer: Nighttime stuffy nose has many causes, including enlarged nasal blood vessels from dry air, deviated septum, Sinusitis, dust, and allergies. Stuffy nose gets worse in the winter, when there’s less humidity in the air.

The reason that many night time stuffy nose sufferers have a dry or sore throat at night is because a stuffy nose blocks breathing and air passages.

As these air passages are blocked, the clogged nose sufferer starts mouth breathing without realizing it. Mouth breathing at night causes your throat to dry out, and you wake up with a sore, dry throat in the morning.

Children and babies may experience blocked nasal passages and dry throat more commonly than adults, since children have smaller nostrils which are more easily blocked.

In addition to dry throat tissue, your throat might also be sore, or you might wake up with bad breath, chalky or bad taste in the mouth, and ear pain from dried out ear cavities.

To stop your throat from being sore (from stuffy nose at night) purchase a humidifier, which puts moisture in the air and into your dry throat. Also, use breathe right strips to open blocked breathing passages, neti pots and saline drops to moisten nasal blood vessels, and eucalyptus oil to sooth the nose and throat cavities.