Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat – How to Get Rid of It

Q: What causes causes stuffy nose and throat together? My throat was killing me during the past three days. When I swallow, food and drinks are almost tasteless. My nose is really stuffy and keeps running. I have a headache and I am always tired. My ears are also clogged, and they keep ringing. I have no fever and do not cough. What do I have because I do not have enough symptoms for it to be cold or flu? What can I do to alleviate symptoms and regain functionality?

Answer: Causes of stuffy nose are septum abnormalities, hay fever, allergies, sinus infections, nonallergic rhinitis. The most common cause of nasal obstruction is infection, also called the common cold.

And there are many reasons for the sore throat:

  • Smoking
  • Acid reflux
  • Allergies
  • Dry air, especially at night when you may sleep with your mouth open
  • Mouth breathing
  • Throat abuse: singing, shouting, coughing
  • Polyps or cancer
  • Infected tonsils
  • Food allergy

How to Cure Your Symptoms

I’ve had a lot of stuffy noses and sore throats. I’ve tried everything from nose spray to steam rooms. And I finally found my miracle cure. It sounds strange, but it’s seriously working:

It is called neti pot. It is like a pot of tea. You fill it with 2 cups of warm water and tea spoon of salt (sea salt, make sure it is not iodized salt). You put your finger on your nostril and tilt your head sideways. It will enter your nose, fill your sinuses, and come out from the other side. At first it feels strange, but after getting used it clears everything in the nasal passages. Sometimes when there’s lots of mucus, you need to do it several times.

You have to do it in the morning. Salt in your sinuses takes care of your mucus on most days. You may be a bit congested shortly afterwards, but if you add salt, everything will be broken down after 1 hour.

I’ve been doing it everyday. That is how incredible it is. If you like, you can use an ordinary teapot with a long spout.


You could also be suffering from an allergy, like hayfever. It is April 4th in the UK. I am drowning in the moisture protecting my throat from my nose, my eyes are streaming, I can not sleep. I will be like this until the end of August. I have headache and sore throat, and very often I have a fever.


Sometimes your body is not strong when you feel stressed and it can not fight bacteria like normal. As our immune system goes down, we easily encounter bugs, so after we have something injured in our life we will have a cold or flu. It’s easy. I feel better after a restful holiday and plenty of body fluids.

Sinus Infections


There is a possibility of nasal infection. I always start with sore throat. Your ears are actually connected to your sinuses. If you learn to “pop” your ear, there is a chance that something will get down into there and start to fester.

If you begin to have a headache that concentrates around your eyes and nose, it is highly likely that the sinus is swollen and you need to go to a doctor for antibiotics. You do not have the chance to get fever, but if there is a possibility that a cough may occur before this is over. When the doctor confirms the sinus infection, I would ask to receive a prescription of Mucinex.

Dry Environment

Please prepare a humidifier to keep up room humidity. The reason you wake up with pain is the fact that you sleep with your mouth open. You probably snore and you do not know about it. By doing this you’re sucking up too much dry air. Given the fact that it is winter, you are probably risking a fever. It will dry you as well.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infection is a common cause of sore throats, in particular from Streptococcus (Streptococcus). Symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of viral infections, but they may be more severe and may persist for a long period of time. Frequently, bacterial infections involve headaches, abdominal pain, and swollen glands of the neck. Cartilage infections are generally treated with antibiotics, as permanent heart or kidney damage can occur. The only way the doctor can identify the cause of the sore throat is to culture the bacteria.

If the result is positive, antibiotics are needed to kill the bug. Any dizziness is caused by fluid accumulation in the inner ear, breaking the balance through your Eustachian tube. You may have an ear infection as well.

Viral Infections

Viral infection (cold, influenza, etc) is common as well. Often accompanied by fever, itching, runny nose, viral infection can not be cured, but its symptoms can be treated. Sore throat from the source of virus infection usually disappears alone within a few days.

Other Cures for Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat

Home and herbal remedies for stuffy nose include:

  • When sniffing an onion, the nose often stops the pain and eliminates discomfort
  • It helps cure nasal congestion with spicy food and helps runny nose.
  • Please try holding some hot soup or liquid, liquid vapor will help to unclog the nose passages
  • Inhalation of steam also helps treating nasal congestion conditions considerably.
  • Prepare your own salt water solution at home and spray it in the nostrils. This will greatly help you.
  • For most drugstores, breathable strips are available. Some supermarkets also sell adhesive strips sticking across the nose bridge. These strips open the passage of the nose and can breathe more freely.
  • More gentle options such as steam, nose rinse, breathing strips are effective and there are no side effects. A steam tent will eliminate excess mucus from your head and probably discharg mucus from the congested bronchi.
  • The throat lozenge with vitamin C and echinatia is ideal for throat pain and sinus problems.

Gargling Cures:

  • Gargle with salt water (mixed with hot water of ½ tp 4 ounces) every few hours or as needed as mother said.
  • Mix warm water in a cup, with 2 tsp. Honey and one lemon (or a few teaspoons) and sip
  • Mix white vinegar, water, salt, crushed vitamin C together, gargle
  • Other people swear by gargling with red peppers (or peppercorns!). Capsaicin, a constituent of hot peppers, also paralyzes the throat. Mix 1/2 tsp. fried, dried chilli or cayenne pepper with several ounces of water to make the medicine.
  • Do not forget to drink lots of liquid. Please be careful as orange juice and other acidic juice may cause throat pain.

Cure Your Stuffy Nose and Flu Symptoms

I had these symtpoms last week, except i had a sort of little headache and less of a stuffy nose than regular. Had a bad throat that lasted 3 days. Had bad body aches around later on in the day (started around 5 or 6) and a HORRIBLE cough. Turns out it was a mild flu/bad para-influenza.

What worked for me was taking ibuprofen and throat antibiotics for the soreness. Keep blowing nose to stop the mucus getting into throat and onto chest. Eat lots of crushed garlic and chilli to kill the bug and wash it all through with gallons of water and green tea…sleep lots, but propped up so mucus doesn’t collect in your throat.